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At Rue Saint-Marc we proudly offers over 50 hand-crafted cocktails on our menu, each created with our house-made syrups, tinctures and shrubs. Enjoy your Whiskey over a hand-carved diamond cube or sip your new favorite cocktail out of one of our vintage glasses.

Enjoy your favorite Rue Libations in the comforts of  your home! All of our signature cocktails are available to-go with your dinner order. View our menu to pick out your favorites and place your order online or in-store. Each of these cocktails include three portions and are $29 each. Ready to pour over ice and enjoy!

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We are so excited for the launch of this new Bottled Cocktail Collection! This limited menu features some of my favorite libations. All bottled cocktails must be purchased online before being picked up at Rue. Each bottle contains at least 1.5 cocktail servings and is ready to drink, just pop the cap and enjoy! All sold individually, mix and match however you would like! 
Cheers! -Gabby


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